Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wise Beyond Your Years

Josh had a Birthday last week and we had a small family party. Jericho and Susanna helped me make a little brie-stuffed chicken and tossed greens for dindin. Here, Jericho and Nick are trying to say something nice about dinner. (Not really, but it makes the picture more interesting.)

I was very excited to snag a new book of fairy tales this week, while thrifting. I found new (to me) illustrators named Ann and Janet Grahame Johnstone. They were British twin sisters who apparently did everything together, as they also illustrated a version of Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians (which I will try to find.)

And now for some of my fave Eliot quotes. This morning I woke Eliot up by saying, "Happy Valentines Day."
Eliot replied, "I am SOO happy."

Always full of pithy truths, Eliot told Luxie yesterday, "Some things happen for a reason." I didn't know that my 3-year-old was so interested in philosophy.


grace said...

Old children's books are among my favorite thrift store finds. I don't find many ,..but I always hope I will.
Good job on Josh's birthday dinner. Sounds wondersome.

Elizabeth said...

Very cool picture books. And I love hearing Eliot quotes!

grace said...

The house was my favorite too!
I'll have to ask my mom to pull that out too.
I might want to add to the collection. We don't have that many.

Sarah Marie said...

Hey abby! how are ya?

He rocks the cape.