Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beatles, Embroidery, and Apple Cloth

A small, but nevertheless enjoyable occurrence was the recent arrival of my The Creative Family book, and thus the idea to teach Eliot to embroider. I spend a lot of time embroidering, and this book not only encourages you to have your kids work on art while you do the same, but it also shows you how to give them projects that they can handle. Eliot's hand-eye coordination is improving while he stitches through the burlap, and, surprisingly, he really enjoys it, guessing by his numerous requests for more thread. My brave little tailor was only thwarted by the recent loss of his plastic needle.

The other exciting (to me) news is that my "birthday" record player arrived a couple weeks ago. One unexpected result is that Eliot now sees the records and requests that we listen to the Everly Brothers and the "Beach Brothers," while I happily agree. Thanks to itunes, I can only guess that Eliot didn't even know what the Beatles looked like until lately. (Gasp!)

So I finally got a reusable grocery bag (mostly) finished. After finding the cutest Alexander Henry fabric at Joann's I was super motivated to whip it out. The only thing missing is the little snap flap or ties I will sew on in order to make the bag collapsible to fit into my purse. While it's obviously homemade, Eliot thinks my new bag is "wonderful." It's certainly helping me to make less trash anyway.