Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beatles, Embroidery, and Apple Cloth

A small, but nevertheless enjoyable occurrence was the recent arrival of my The Creative Family book, and thus the idea to teach Eliot to embroider. I spend a lot of time embroidering, and this book not only encourages you to have your kids work on art while you do the same, but it also shows you how to give them projects that they can handle. Eliot's hand-eye coordination is improving while he stitches through the burlap, and, surprisingly, he really enjoys it, guessing by his numerous requests for more thread. My brave little tailor was only thwarted by the recent loss of his plastic needle.

The other exciting (to me) news is that my "birthday" record player arrived a couple weeks ago. One unexpected result is that Eliot now sees the records and requests that we listen to the Everly Brothers and the "Beach Brothers," while I happily agree. Thanks to itunes, I can only guess that Eliot didn't even know what the Beatles looked like until lately. (Gasp!)

So I finally got a reusable grocery bag (mostly) finished. After finding the cutest Alexander Henry fabric at Joann's I was super motivated to whip it out. The only thing missing is the little snap flap or ties I will sew on in order to make the bag collapsible to fit into my purse. While it's obviously homemade, Eliot thinks my new bag is "wonderful." It's certainly helping me to make less trash anyway.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Have Brain Cloud. Need Help. Please Send Chocolate and Feng Shui Expert.

I said to my son, "Go, and take paper and markers and draw Noah's ark, for it is school-time." And behold, a bear appeared, and lo, it was very cute. And I delighted in the drawings of my son.

And I heard, as it were, a shout from two children, screaming to hear their own voices echo within the house of the Stevensons. In the midst of the bedroom, I saw two eggs cracked upon the carpet and play dishes. And behold there was a small child clothed in a vesture dipped in egg yolk frying forbidden eggs within her little pans. And I took many waters and tried to scrub the carpet. And upon the carpet was found no more blemish. And lo, I rescued an egg and cracked it within my pan upon a flame, for it was lunchtime.

And after these things, a great multitude of Playmobil animals came down, upon our windowsill, in groups of two.

And after two hours Luxie shall awake and shall be loosed from her crib. And I sat upon a cushion, and behold I saw a filthy bedroom full of great abominations and clutter. Cloth and paper and laundry stacked as a great wall. And a great, messy shelf shewed itself to me, and boxes on which are written "PHOTOS, SEWING, and CRAFTS" in great disarray. And after these things I had a dream of a bedroom that shone like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal. And lo the bedroom windows are clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And many neat stacks of clothing and fabric and books have been arrayed in tidy shelves. She that overcometh will inherit a good feeling and vanquish the Beast of Confusion and Chaos that dwelleth within her room. And lo, I awoke from the dream, and I saw a pillar of smoke coming from the kitchen. And lo, my lunch was very, very burnt, yea, unto ash.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What I'm doing instead of laundry.

I finally got out the old sewing machine to make baby blankets. Unfortunately the projects-that-I-am-in-the-middle-of made quite a shocking pile. I still managed to get a new blanket done for our cousin's cousin. They are the most easy and gratifying projects ever. (Isn't Penelope the cutest name?)

Although our snow is melting away, I found a cute Snow book at the Library called, This Place In The Snow by Rebecca Bond. The illustrations made me really happy. Especially the page where the children wake up and discover the snow being plowed. Yes!! Happy snow-day or snow-melting day, depending on where you live.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wise Beyond Your Years

Josh had a Birthday last week and we had a small family party. Jericho and Susanna helped me make a little brie-stuffed chicken and tossed greens for dindin. Here, Jericho and Nick are trying to say something nice about dinner. (Not really, but it makes the picture more interesting.)

I was very excited to snag a new book of fairy tales this week, while thrifting. I found new (to me) illustrators named Ann and Janet Grahame Johnstone. They were British twin sisters who apparently did everything together, as they also illustrated a version of Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians (which I will try to find.)

And now for some of my fave Eliot quotes. This morning I woke Eliot up by saying, "Happy Valentines Day."
Eliot replied, "I am SOO happy."

Always full of pithy truths, Eliot told Luxie yesterday, "Some things happen for a reason." I didn't know that my 3-year-old was so interested in philosophy.

Monday, February 4, 2008

I pictured myself with a swooping construction worker's helmet.

It's insane as ever here, but I'm starting a new blog anyway. Sorry about the blurry header. I will change it. It turns out you can't use a digital camera as a substitute for a scanner. Excuuuuse me.

Meanwhile Eliot and Luxie are running around the house, while Eliot screams, "Somebody do something! Somebody DO SOMETHING!" I couldn't have said it better myself.