Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter Blues

Look at that face.

Sorry, but I have a sickness that makes me photograph Amaryllis plants. And ferns. And babies' feet (but everyone has that right?) To me Amaryllis plants are one of the best things about January.

I found this play fort on Etsy shop Coolspacesforkids today. The perfect answer to winter doldrums, AND it folds up as easy as a tablecloth would. My kids are going to have the ghetto version as soon as we can get our paws on some cheap Walmart sheets and an hour of sewing time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Short Break

So I took a short break from blogging. I would explain, but it's so tedious. (HINT: It involves a broken camera, way too much "morning sickness," and lots of paper plates.) Now that I have a camera again I have been getting the The Blogging Fever. Not a whole lot has changed with us in the last couple years, except now we have a backyard, four (4) kids, an astounding amount of Harry Potter paraphernalia (I blame the child in the second picture, blue hat), and a very loud drum set.