Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Blue Eyes

We have been having some beautifully freezing weather lately. That's an an oxymoron for some, but I love it when the snow is perfectly white and crisp and the sky is blue. The kids have been sledding, and the cold weather makes me feel like we HAVE to make super rich almond hot chocolate, and bavarian shortbread. We even tried our hand at Tapioca Pudding, which was the perfect comfort food. (I must have had really horrible tapioca experience as a child, because I had to work up to it.) I like to have enough wintertime to do all these wintery projects like paint birdhouses, make orange marmalade, homemade s'mores, and tissue paper flowers. (More a spring fever project, but still.) I hate to admit it, but this Texan has acclimated to Northern Idaho. Ask me about my amazing attitude in April. That's when I really get annoyed.

Yesterday the sun was shining through Eliot's window and I took pictures of Maria on his bed for a half hour. The light was perfect for showing off her blue eyes. They are so amazing to me, as mine are the dullest shade of brown. Having a baby that looks nothing like me, is definitely growing on me. Now I should go clean the kitchen and make dinner, but I might just try my hand at sewing some small woodland animals. Yes, that's definitely more important.