Tuesday, March 1, 2011

(Sort of) Fantastic Mr. Fox, or, If You Can't Beat 'em, Do A Really Weird Craft Project At An Inopportune Moment.

My slightly retarded fox.

Sweet fox from Etsy at Sleepyking's. Isn't it cute?

What is it about a messy kitchen and a table smeared with syrup and Dutch Baby crumbs that makes me want to throw up my hands up and sew woodland animals?

This fox is the result of my procrastination. His face is a little bit crooked, and he isn't exactly fantastic, but it was a very satisfying project. I just traced a chubbyish fox with chalk onto some orange denim and beige wool felt, sewed the edges together, then stuffed it. (Actually, my kind husband helped me with the stuffing.) It was a gift for one of my son's friends. (Since most 6 year old boys don't normally request quaint hand made foxes, we provided him with a consolation cap gun as well.) I'm hoping my next fox will be more foxy, especially in the face.